Radio Interview on Parent Stress Transformation: KLTT 670 AM “Adoption Perspectives” show

In case you missed my interview that aired on Saturday, March 3, you can click to listen just below. Rebecca Vahle (Adoption Liaison for Parker Hospital’s Family to Family program) and I discussed how parenting children from hard places (trauma, neglect, etc) can look different from parenting “typical” children. We also talked about the importance […]

Tune in for interview on Stress Transformation for Parents of Challenging Children

Know anyone who is raising really challenging children? (adoptive, foster, bio)? Tune in tomorrow for my interview by Rebecca Vahle (adoption liaison at Parker Hospital) on her “Adoption Perspectives” radio show. Saturday, March 3, 11 am Mountain Time on Denver KLTT 670AM, or listen online at . You will hear a great conversation, talking about Parent […]

Teleclass on Holiday Stress for Parents of Challenging Children (My Gift to You!)

Ready to enjoy this season of light and cheer?

Or dreading (come on, you can admit it, you’re with friends who understand) the school break?

I hope you can join me for this 45-minute teleclass (no charge to you, it’s my holiday gift to you all!) And no worries if you can’t make the call […]

Stress, Touch, & Oxytocin

You might remember a post I did a while back informing you about a webinar by Bryan Post on the Power of Oxytocin. (Oxytocin, sometimes called the “cuddle hormone,” is a neuropeptide that increases feelings of trust and bonding, thought to be elemental in the formation of attachment.)

Now I’d like to pass on a […]

Free Web Training on Parenting RAD & ODD Kids, with Bryan Post

Bryan’s trainings are always engaging, always enlightening…I recommend this event highly. I know I’ll be there! An Essential Training for all parents and professionals working with challenging children! The Power of Oxytocin: How this hormone discovery is rewriting Parenting and Therapy for RAD and ODD Children Thursday, April 8, 2010 9:00 pm – 10:30 pm […]

Free Webinar on Parenting Haitian Children (3/25/10)

Here’s a great (and free!) resource taught by Dr. Karyn Purvis, an internationally known attachment specialist . (And, while her focus will be on children from Haiti, I’m sure that there will be much to learn for anyone parenting kids of trauma/neglect.)

Parenting Children from Haiti and Other “Hard Places”: A Webinar Featuring […]

Imagine…Falling in love with your child…again!

Are you a discouraged, worried parent of a child with challenging, even severe, behaviors?

Looking for support on your journey? Then read on…

Welcome to the Radical Acceptance Parenting Blog!

I plan to meet you here often, to offer you musings, tips, resources, and more, all to support and inspire you on your journey as […]